Quick Release Couplings Manufaturers

Single Check Valve Couplings

 Socket Male (SM)
 Plug Male (PM)
 Socket Female (SF)
 Plug Female (PF)
 Socket Hose (SH)
 Plug Hose (PH)
 Socket For PU Tube (SPU)
 Plug For PU Tube (PPU)

Double Check Valve Couplings

Two Way Check Valve Coupling Socket
Two Way Check Valve Coupling Plug

Straight Through Couplings

 Socket Male (SM)
 Plug Male (PM)
 Socket Female (SF)
 Plug Female (PF)
 Socket Hose (SH)
 Plug Hose (PH)
  Mould Couplings

 Mould Coupler Socket Hose
 Mould Coupler Socket For Pu Tube
 Mould Plug - Plug Male
 Long Plug

Tube Couplings

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Double Check Valve Couplings ( Hydraulic Couplings )

These are designed for connecting hydraulic lines. They are also extensively used where a variety of other fluids are involved. They are made to withstand pressure from 800 to 10000 PSI depending upon size and material. They contain valves in both the coupler and adaptor to prevent loss of fluid when the parts are disconnected.
Double Check Valve Couplings
Double Check Valve Couplings Drawing
• Series : DC 30
• Work Pressure : 3000 PSI
Double Check Valve Couplings Socket
Double Check Valve Couplings Plug
All Dimensions are in mm
Sizes Min/Max
Working Pressure
DC 30
Valved Coupler
Valved Adaptor
1/8"- 2 "
3000 PSI
Medium Pressure Hydraulic Applications, Vacuum Applications.

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