Single Check Valve Couplings ( Pneumatic Couplings )

We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Services of Single Check Valve Couplings and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

These are used originally for connecting portable air tools and equipments to compressed air lines. However, now they are used on many other applications. These couplings are usually built to withstand operating pressure up to 300 PSI. Where non compressible fluids such as water, oil and grease are being used, this pressure may sometimes be exceeded safely. The coupler body should be installed on the upstream (Supply) end of the line to shut off the fluid supply, when coupling is disconnected. The Adaptor has no valving and upon disconnection, exhaust, upon downstream media.


Series Valving Sizes Working Pressure Usage
SC - 3 Valved Coupler Plain Adaptor 1/8 " - 1/2" 300 PSI Airline Application, Steam, Water, Pneumatic Tools etc.
SC - 4 Valved Coupler Plain Adaptor 1/2 " - 1 " 400 PSI Low Pressure High Flow Coupling